I can’t believe even a leader from another side of the world in India is jealous of the decision I took to be adopted by the most lucky and blessed Leader of the Russia Federation World Superpower. That same person travelled to Africa but no one asked to be part of his family. I have never asked him to be my father neither be an Indian nor live in India. I was born in Africa now live in Australia; what does my personal decision to be a son of Russia has to do with India or  White South African to that matter?

A person like me asking the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Russia Federation World Superpower to be part of his family is a blessing to both the Federation and Africa and it has absolutely nothing to do with those communities. Therefore, my humble suggestion to the Indian Leader, kindly, concentrate on serving your own people out of poverty and stay away from my life.

If you are so hurtful by the decision I took, maybe you should follow suit do the same and seek for your adoption rather than embarrassing yourself. I have been publically and officially supporting the Indian Institutions here in Perth while fighting for your better services and happiness. I fail to understand why you hate me so much. “Shame!” some people must understand that being everywhere vis-à-vis public offices doesn’t give you the right to sabotage other people’s happiness. I don’t interfere in your personal matters, so why keep following me all the time? I am sick and tired of your uncivilised attitude, so please better leave me in peace.

I want the world to know that if anything happens to me in Australia, some White South African and Indian should be first suspects and be held accountable. I hope that my Indian Friend “Dhyan” and South African Friend “Earl” will intervene and sensitise them how to behave like normal people. The bad behaviours of using people like political footballs must cease with immediate effect. These people as mentioned above have caused a lot of problems and sufferings to our people in Africa particularly, in Uganda, Kenya and South Africa. They have looted everything and made us poor in our own Countries and again in the diaspora. They are so greedy and selfish! When will that madness stop? Some of them run away from South Africa and are now promoting the same evil here in Australia. Please stay away from my life, which is all I ask of you.

The Bible teaches us in Luke 12:15 then he said to them, “Watch out! Be on your guard against all kind of greed, a man’s life doesn’t consist in the abundance of his possessions.”1 Corinthians: 6:10 “Nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanders nor Swindlers will inherit the Kingdom of God”.

I hope that they should learn from this by coming to their senses and stop provoking my aptitude. I have been ignoring your bad behaviours all the time in the best interest of peace. Nevertheless, It doesn’t mean that I am a coward.

I hereby declare that my future wife could be a Russian and those who are jealous of that should go hang themselves. The decisions I took about Russia was from the Almighty God and my wishes must be respected.

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