Travel Safe with Emirates and Qantas

May the almighty our creator, forgive and reward “Jannatul-firdaus” to our founding great father of the United Arab Emirates, Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahya.

I also salute His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum and family, to have achieved so much following the path of our grandfathers wisdom, generousity and a culture of helping the needy, disadvantaged, particularly women and children in different parts of the world. ”Shukran Wajazaaka LLah Kheir”. All my brothers and sisters, Please! Travel safe with Emirates and Qantas.




Special Thanks


From the bottom of my heart I would like to thank you abundantly for the support you gave me endorsing my nominations.I beg you please rally behind me for change.Let’s work together as one family to make sure that our rights are being respected.With your support,this election is winnable.Kindly, vote for me.

Eid Mubarak

I sincerely congratulate all of my brothers and sisters in your respective capacity, Eid Mubarak.
I wish all of you and the entire community that, May the blessings of our creator, the most merciful light up your way and lead to all of you eternal happiness,joy,success and peace.

I wish all of you that may this blessed day of Eid- ul- Fitr bring you many happy moments to cherish forever.May this day truly be a time of enjoying “Yummy” Food.Please do not forget to invite our fellow mates none Muslims to share laughter with us,becouse to me unity is strength.

Despite to the fact that you are having fun,Please do not forget to remember our brothers and sisters who are sick,ill and those who don’t have food to feed themselves and their families.We should all share a common bond of love and be the first giver to those who are in need.The more you give the more you get.May Jallah Jalaluh grant you good health wa Jannatul Firdaus “Insha Allah”.EID MUBARAK.


Happy Ramadan

I sincerely wish the people of Stirling, Australia and the world at large a great month of Ramadan Mubarak. Some of us work for Unity, Justice and it is now time that we become stronger than ever towards the path of peace. Today the world is out of control, people are suffering and dying every day particularly innocent women and children, simply because some people are greedy, selfish, money oriented and powerful.

The culture of greed and selfishness is only growing causing more and more harm to innocent people. Brothers and Sisters, Ramadan is a month of forgiveness, happiness, caring for the privileges and the needy. Let us reflect on what we can do to improve the lives of our fellow human beings here, and the world at large. It is our responsibility together as one family, to pave ways of a new chapter for peace, tolerance, intelligence, understanding and mercy.

We should all be reminded as brothers and sisters from all walks of life to raise our faith, be the first giver particularly in this great month of Ramadan. “The more you give the more you get”. We should all share a common bond of love. If one of our brothers and sisters is sick or ill, we should be concerned about that person.Please!,do not envy one another, do not hate one another, do not turn away from your fellow human beings.” There is no better teacher in this world, than of a personal example”. I will never give up fighting for the community who are in too much suffering. May the blessing of our creator who is all-wise and forgiving be upon you and your families. May this Ramadan truly be a time of building greater faith and happiness for all of you my dearest brothers and sisters. ”Ramadan Mubarak”.