As a former soccer player, if elected I will encourage support at the same time legislate to inject more money into sports. Sport promotes respect, love and at the same time unite the community. Fostering social integration amongst different ethnic groups. Sport has the ability to transcend class divisions.

I will always support sports

I will always support sports



Soccer Unites

Soccer Unites



Our major political parties have become slaves of global corporate elite that includes the military industrial complex (MIC) that is waging wars and planning wars across the planet. We need to control the orgy of military spending and culture of fear of the other. The fortress of militarisation of the planet will not end unless we the people take control of our lives and the parliamentary process.

Illegal wars on the developing and poor defenceless nations are a mockery to our human civilisation. Waging wars and pillage in the name of false freedoms and liberties is an act of cowardice because Australia was never militarily threatened Since  1945  the end of Second World War in the Pacific . Making peace and building the human civilisation is much honourable than killing innocent people across the planet. It is the corporate military elite who plan for wars and undermine good will amongst nation state. Wars and military spending only serve the interests of the powerful and elitist who mock the common Australian.

It should never be the intent and purpose of any political parties of whatever persuasion and ideology to promote any forms of racial discrimination, politics of hate or marginalisation of any section of our Australian community based on its narrow ideological populist grounds.

Our Australian political parties are on a selfish path of destroying the good will of the people by manipulating voting preferences and the faceless men who undermine the democratic system. Major parties in Western Australia have been fighting me rather than supporting my cause of creating more jobs and economic equality for West Australians.

Abolishment of preference voting system is fundamental. This is the only way Australians can restore their hope in the political process. One man /woman,  vote is the best way forward. Please don’t get tired if you want to change the system for the better, you have to number all the boxes below the line for real change. “Enough is enough”. It is also clearly evident that major political parties fear a true independent candidate.

Mubarak Kim Independent Senate Candidate WA

Mubarak Kim
Independent Senate Candidate WA

Listed Below Are Preferences from Major Political Parties Against Me


1.         The Nationals                       77

2.         Liberal Party                        76

3.         Australian Labor Party        69

4.         Palmer United                       55

5.         Family First                           37

6.        The Greens Party                  37

7.         Katters Australia Party        33

It was in Western Australia on late night television news the leader of Palmer United Party, Clive Palmer shook his backside in a comical way, people thought he is a real deal and will create jobs with his jingoism and personality cult status. Last election he pledged to the Australian people on national TV that he will not preference anyone because they are all the same BUT whole behold he ended up celebrating after the federal elections that he help make Tony Abbot the Prime Minister through preference deals. Clive Palmer sacked his own employees after election. There is lot of deceit and lies coming out from major political parties making deals with far –right and loony left and there is no pragmatic moderation in these political parties.

Clive Palmer is spending a lot of money in this campaign whereby he refused to support me starting a business that could have employed our people in Hospitality, Truck drivers, Super Market attendants and Managerial posts.

He has never supported the homeless, how can you trust a person who is just spending huge amount of money simply because he wants to get rid of carbon tax. Iam not a fan of carbon tax but it does not mean that you have to spend money  getting rid of carbon tax. Please my fellow citizens think twice.

Clearly these political parties have given birth to micros! The micro parties are a direct result of the moral bankruptcy of ideas coming from political parties. Please do consider the value of your vote.

The orgy of foreigners buying Australian residential properties and land is a scandal. The Foreign Investment Review Board is a toothless tiger and has not seriously looked into the matter of non Australians buying large pieces of land and properties across Australia. Land belongs to Australian people not foreigners. If elected by the will of my fellow Australians and the Will of God I will ensure that a Parliamentary commission of Inquiry into Foreign ownership of Australian land is set up.  I will publicize all the facts to the Australian people and let them decide in a referendum whether they wish foreigners to buy Australian land. The major political parties have a culture of control, secrecy, dictatorship and misogyny. They don’t accept nor do they understand the real meaning of fair dinkum and opportunities for all. The major parties are an exclusive club of the power elite and represent segregation and divide and rule.

I want the Australian people to see me beyond my race and creed. They should see and judge me by my conduct and deeds because I want to challenge with their help recreate a system of voting that is fair for all. If elected I will make sure  that our indigenous Australians are automatically recognised in the Australian Constitution because it is the right thing to do if we truly believe in justice and humanity.

Please try to stop these corrupt and dishonest politicians and power hungry political parties from usurping democratic power away and rule of law from the electors. Rally behind a true independent who is supported by no power accept God and the will of the good people like you.  Vote wisely my fellow Australians, be prepared to punish those you disagree with, if you want real change and to keep the federal government accountable vote for me. You will not be disappointed because we share the same pain of social marginalisation and exclusion. I represent hope and vision for all Australians irrespective of our social status and cultural or racial backgrounds. We are after all one people of the Australian civilisation.

History will remember me that once upon a time in the year 2014, Mubarak Kim from Western Australia stood for all Australians challenging the power hungry political elites to ensure that our democracy is safe for the future generations.









KIM SENATE VOTING.1Please mark 1 in the box  besides my names “MUBARAK KIM” Independent as your first choice the rest follow your heart and judge them accordingly. Reward them the same numbers they had preferenced me in return. Please ignore above the line party group boxes. You must number all boxes below the line on the ballot paper from (1-76) for your vote to count. Be very careful not to repeat numbers or mark above the line because that will be considered as informal. I suggest that better take a pen with you to ease protect our votes instead of using a pencil. If you make a mistake don’t panic ask for another ballot paper and start again. Enough is enough.

Authorised by

Independent Candidate


 I will never stand idle by when our people are losing jobs everyday in Australia.Leaders who don’t  save and create jobs for the community in Western Australia and the nation at large don’t deserve to be in that position. I pray that this  election should be a referendum on big political parties because they have all  failed their duty of care, don’t waste your votes.Give me the opportunity to create new jobs and to  ease  employ our mates  in Hospitality, Supermarket attendants, Truck drivers  Managerial posts and more importantly saving lives from diabetes  with immediate effect after elections.

Kim Mubarak Independent Senate

Kim Mubarak
Federal Senate

You all know that I am a man of my word with fresh ideas, capable and the only person who will make you happy because we share the same pain.Working together as one family every thing is possible.”Don’t mess up this time”. I will never allow any fellow Australian to experience what am going through. Never allow big political parties to lecture or dictate how you should cast your vote. A culture of do as you are told is over. We are a generation of the 21st Century committed to promote real Justice for all. You and I knows very well that you are very smart and mature enough to determine your destiny.

Please vote wisely for real change in the  best interest of our nations economy and  for the better future. Since our troops are back home, we should be in a position  of surplus with enough money to ease support those who wants to start small business. Note that Iam the last lucky person on the ballot paper which makes your job easier without wasting time searching for my names from the groups to vote.

Please mark 1 in the box beside my name ” MUBARAK KIM” Independent as your first choice the rest follow your heart and judge them accordingly. Reward them the same numbers they have referenced me in return. You must number every group box for your vote to count. I suggest that, better take your pen with you to ease protect our votes instead of using pencil. Enough is enough.





My brothers and sisters of Australia and the world at large, Eid Mubarak. I sincerely wish you a wonderful Eid-ul-Adhuha, Please do not forget to share your joy and happiness with our mates none Muslim. We should also be concerned about our brothers and sisters who are sick, poor, those who suffer and die in uncivilized wars. These people needs our help and prayers.

I ask the war mongers to look in the eyes of your children or families and think twice, why should people suffer and die?. Those who are fighting, I beg you Please, to put your guns down and pave ways of dialogue and peace in the best interest of the community. Selfish and abuse of power will never achieve anything.

It is really sad that we don’t have Eid public holiday in Australia, despite to the fact that Muslims have been in Australia since 820AD.History tells us that, Muslim seafarers found their way to Australia long before any Navigators from Europe. I don’t see any reason whatsoever why we shouldn’t be having Eid Public holiday in this Country. As independent leader of the minority, I will never give up fighting for the Justice of your cause. I wish you peace, love and a blessed Eid-ul-Adhuha. Eid Mubarak.


Special thanks to the people of Stirling Western Australia

I thank you with the utmost sincerity for allowing me to participate in Australia’s democratic process. Believe me, it has been such a great honour.Rest assured, you will always have my support.

My special thanks to those who endorsed my nomination, those who volunteered their time, efforts, slight financial contribution to my campaign. Though the battle was difficult, together we fought a good fight and came out with fantastic results. Kindly, next elections come out in full force without fear, then publicly campaign for me.I can assure you that through that strong effort, will then lead us to victory.


I would like to thank my friends, each and every one in their respective capacities, who participated in the campaign,Forexample,Mirrabooka Mosque Community,Aussie Muslim Community, Perth Muswalla Community,ICWA Community, especially Dr.Rateb,Brother Ayani,Brother Aziz,Asuman Jadid,Amina Jadid,Muhammad and others. Those who volunteered their time and efforts, like,Samuel,Sethwaseth,Shekou, Lee Turner, Charlie, Ramsi and others, I thank you abundantly, may the Almighty God reward you the most in this world.


I salute Hon.Bob Katter and Anthony of Katter’s Australian Party for your parental support and your first preference during election, despite to the fact that I did not preference any one. Your support illustrates very clearly how amazing you are towards a fair go for all. May I say that it was a good slap to those who have been promoting segregation to a certain extent of referencing me far behind without mercy, simply because Iam smart and brave.


Also, special thanks to “NATASHA GUNARATNA” who stood up for me after it was quite clear that, I was too much stressed when some people are having fun of me rather than supporting my cause, when struggling wanting to serve the community in need. They did not take me seriously despite to the fact that I have done a lot of things to Australian people. Indeed this hurts, nevertheless, we should not think of the negative. The positive aspect of this is how you stood up for me and for your loyalty and support. I will always remember what you did for me, I cannot thank you enough. Rest assured that I will always be ready to support you and your family when the need arises. My simple advise to you is that, Please!!, continue to study hard and always “follow your heart”. Remember that, respect should always be your first priority.

Further, in respect to the electoral process, I can confirm that out of 8 candidates, as the only Independent Candidate, I managed to come ahead of two political parties. I believe that this was a great performance.

In March, 2013, when I contested for the Balcatta seat, the community responded by giving me 122 votes. A few months later, In September, 2013, when I decided to contest again for the seat of Stirling, the community responded to my “Manifesto” by giving me 901 votes. As an African who has lived in Australia for only nine years, this response was indeed unimaginable and humbling. Despite to the fact that, I was competing against strong political parties belongs to Millionaires and billionaire who spend money like hell simply because they wanted to become members of parliament. I consider your votes as a powerful verdict and a wakeup call to kick them off my back those who are against me. That’s why I will continue my job of pushing things into practice for the justice of our cause. I will never keep my mouth shut until our demands are mate.

As Independent leader of the minority, to date I haven’t been assigned to any post nor to have received a call in regards to job creation. That illustrates very clearly that, the attitude of segregation and selfish hasn’t changed. Your votes should not be taken for granted, we deserve some respect. There is no reason whatsoever why I shouldn’t be given a fair go to demonstrate my ability towards my manifesto. It is in record that I was the best candidate with fresh ideas which should be a blessing for all of us. I always wonder whether some politicians understand the meaning of a fair go for all?. Opportunities for all?. Where is Justice?.

Australia is indeed a great country that should offer opportunities to all. A great land, where everyone, young and old, black and white, I could go on and on, can have a fair go. Some few people, seize these opportunities. Look at me for example. As I indicated earlier, this contest was difficult and the odds were stacked up against me. However, the support that I received is great success in itself.

I hope that through all this, I have been able to inspire the hopes of so many Africans, Muslims, Asian, Indigenous and other communities who believe or believed that they had no influence in the Australian electoral process. I hope my achievements will inspire more and more people to work hard, follow their dreams and more so, participate in the Australian democratic process, so that we can make Australia an even greater country for all. That’s what makes me proud.

This is not the end. With your support, I will continue to fight for our rights and fight to protect the reputation of this great nation of ours. I have a plan to ensure the success and better future for the marginalized Australian communities and countries in terms of empowering family values, job creation and reform in the business sector is for real.

Iam committed to build a sustainable business over the long term to protect and employee diversity. Immigration department should start to fast-track the issue of family re-union within two months. The advantage is to save tax payers money and people from psychological torture, stress and depression because of waiting too long for their beloved ones.

I will continue my job of pushing things into practice, whether they like it or not together, we will be victorious. I have already sent emails to Hon.Professor Clive Palmer, of “Palmer United Party”, Hon.Bob Katter of “Katter’s Australia’s Party”, Hon.Janine Freeman Member of Parliament “Labor Party”, seeking audience in regards to the issues raised above.Hon.Jenine has already confirmed to meet next week. You will be notified about the outcome after that meeting. Thank you, once again. God bless you and God bless Australia.