First and foremost, I would like to thank my beloved electors those who endorsed me with 141 signatures, though the electoral commission claims to have received 133 signatures, which is also above the commission’s requirement of 100 electors only. Some ignorant people told you not to sign for me, but you rejected their uncivilised attitude and decided to go-ahead, signed on my Nomination forms with a big smile and blessings by the time when the weather was very bad raining.
“I thank you abundantly for your support. If elected, rest assured that you will never be disappointed”.
I lodged everything including paying candidate nomination fee of
$ 1,000 for my nomination before 12:00noon the closing time. The Australian Electoral Commission officer in Perth accepted all the documents required by law, after ticking all the boxes a receipt of acknowledgement was issued.
I had complied with the Australian electoral act 1918, section-170, sec.171, sec.167 and sec.166 on substantial compliance before the closing of the nomination.
Unfortunately, almost two hours past the closing of nominations time, the same officer notified me that, I can’t be allowed to campaign. When I asked them the reason why?, they did not have a convincing answer.
During our meeting, I immediately rejected their verbal claims, I gave my official objection in writing and asked them to put on hold the entire process and “not” to declare nominated candidates until the matter is resolved by the Commissioner of the Australian Electoral Commission. In the same letter on the 5th July, 2018,I made it categorically very clear that, “I refuse to be segregated and discriminated” in this great Nation of ours; and deserve to be treated with dignity and respect as a citizen of this country.
The division Returning officer and Manager Australian Electoral Commission of Perth Western Australia all stubbornly refused to comply. Their behaviour’s left me with no choice rather than to sue the Australian Electoral Commission in the Federal Court fighting for the public good. I asked the Honourable Court to order the Commission include my Names “KIM MUBARAK “on a ballot paper and in the list of Nominated Candidates Federal House of Representatives for by election for the seat of Perth. I also asked the Honourable court that my application should be treated as a matter of “Extreme Urgency” because the election is due on the 28 July, 2018.
I am happy to inform you that the matter is listed for hearing next week on Monday the 16th July, 2018, at 2:15pm Western Australia time. I will be representing my self-fighting in the best interest of the community. I will never give up fighting for your happiness until my last breathe.
I appeal to my supporters and those who believe in “real change” to attend this historical day. Let’s fight together as one family to protect the integrity of our beloved Nation. The will of the people particularly those who endorsed my nomination must never be abused again. Common sense must prevail.


Mubarak Kim, Professor of Common sense, 5 Star Uber Partner, Founder/Managing Director of Matooke Project in Australia and Champion of reform. A man of Unity, Justice, Peace, Reconciliation and Independent Western Australia.
I acknowledge the traditional owners the first people of the land on which we all share. I pay my full respect to their culture and to their elders both past and present.
I personally reaffirm my position as the first young politician recognising them in our constitution and “say yes to the treaty” because that is the right thing to do if we truly believe in justice. I also reaffirm my position as the first young politician to recognise the State of Palestine. I challenge all political parties to follow suit. The labor Party, the Green Party and Christian Party have been discriminating me all the time. They have been lying at the same time bullying Australian people with empty promises. If they truly believe in what they say as God fearing people about supporting Refugees for the better future, opportunities for all and respect,then,should stop lying again and show the public by giving me first preferences so that we work and share ideas together as one family in the best interest of the community and our nation’s economy. Keep fighting me all the time is not a solution. Whether they like it or not, I am here to stay.
I would like to thank each one in your respected communities for the votes you have been giving me during my previous elections. This will be my “six time standing as an Independent candidate” fighting for the justice of your cause. I want you to know that every successful person in business has ever fallen. Failure is one step towards success. Please never give up on your dreams and never give up voting for me.
Stand up firm to earn and protect your rights based on common sense and never allow to be dictated by these political parties. Please give me the opportunity to represent you for happiness and a better future. It is now time for new revolution to reclaim our fundamental human basic rights from these bad Major Political parties.
What I will do if elected is to legislate to “EMPOWER THE COMMUNITY” so that they have a say in their own affairs, determine for their own destiny not to be dictated by major political party’s bureaucracy. I will make sure that we develop a sense of community Parliament. My job will be to represent in Parliament what we have agreed upon at community level.
To legislate so that we have “Independent Electoral Commission” empowered to determine for elections, and the issue of a writ should never be decided by politicians nor the speaker of parliament who is serving the party and government of the day. To ensure that a game of preference system is abolished because our lives and democracy is not for sale. To ensure that mechanism is put in place for “TERM LIMIT” so that our young generation should have a chance to participate and share contribution of fresh ideas to this great nation of ours. Those who have been in politics for so long should go.
To legislate and ensure that change of the current 1901 Constitution and a bill of rights is a must. Those who are found guilty of Dual Citizenships contrary to section. 44 of the Australian Constitution are banned from participating again and should pay back the money received during the period of seating in Parliament. All bills supported and passed by those criminals should be rescinded with immediate effect. We must all accept that the current government is unconstitutional as far as our current Constitution is concerned. All major political Parties are guilt of that crime. This election should be a referendum against their guilt so that we reclaim the reputation of this great nation of ours.
To legislate so that we become Australia Republic and protect our Independent Sovereign State. To advocate for our Muslim community to have a day off on the end of Ramadan. This will give them the opportunity to enjoy the fruit of impartiality and a fair go for all as they spend time with their families.
I stand for Employment better pay rise, Teacher’s pay rise, Nurses, more money to Hospitals, Schools, and Universities, Colleges both Private and Government. For example, a College in Mirrabooka that caters to and for communities from all walks of life that have benefited a lot from child care Courses, aged care and other disciplines in the best interest of the community. As your representative, I would make sure more money is given to Nursing homes, Aged care, Child care, Women Rights, Baby bonus $ 10, 000, Environment, and to ensure that, all Pensioner’s on Centrelink are paid $ 1,000 fortnightly and to protect family values.
I will legislate so that Western Australia 100% GST remains the revenue of the State in the best interest of the people of Western Australia and above all funding the infrastructure and other important Projects. Canberra should desist from stealing hard working tax payer’s money of Western Australia. Since CHOGM of 2011, our State Budget has never recovered simply because all the money was spent on that Colonial Commonwealth project. The people of Western Australia did not benefit from that gathering apart from losing all our money meant to deal with our economy.
In this year alone, Canberra have spent more than a billion Australian Dollars towards the world richest British Monarchy’s visits without the consent of tax payers. I wonder why those Highnesses can’t facilitate their own trips or the British government where they come from. If it’s true that they are the champions of Charity, then, why are they stealing from hard working Australian’s who are struggling with bills and to put food on the table for their families?
Australia is an Independent sovereign State, giving away such huge amount of money to the British Monarchy which is a “foreign power” is an insult to Australian tax payers at the same time, abuse of our current constitution and those concerned must apologise and resign with immediate effect.
If elected, I will make sure that the British government reimburse all the billions spent on Royal Highnesses trips to Australia, must be paid back to the people of Australia so that, can be of a better use to our Infrastructures and those who are struggling with mental health, disability and depression. We are here crying for parental help seeking financial assistance so that we can continue our businesses to employ our people in the best interest of our nation’s economy and job creation, Unfortunately, our leaders have never supported our humble requests but have the carriage to spend all the billions on the richest people in the world, which is a pity and must never be tolerated.
I will table a bill to ensure that some Commissions, CCC, Tribunals, Ombudsman, Bias Legal Aid, Australia Law Society and the current bias judicial courts are abolished. To ensure that Dual Citizenships Judiciary officers are not allowed to serve in the Australian Judicial system. To ensure that mechanism is put in place for Independent Concerned Citizen’s Court (ICCC) which will be dealing with serious misconduct, Corruption, Appeals and all matters of Civil, Criminal and Community grievances on a free fee lodgement. That community court should be funded unconditionally. We must come out with a fair Legal Aid System determined by Community Parliament debate.
I am very determined to change our Parliamentary attitude for the better in the best interest of the community. Major Political Party’s which doesn’t treat pensioners with dignity and respect don’t deserve your votes. Don’t ever allow these selfish leaders, greed and bullies to dictate your God given rights. A vote to such people is a loss to your future and children’s success.
I will make sure that Centrelink food voucher card system is abolished, and $ 1,000 fortnightly is a must to ease protect the integrity of our people who are struggling. To ensure that the Federal government provides unconditional funds to governments and private colleges who are dealing with skills training for job opportunities to our people.
I consider all major political party manifesto’s as expired. They have all along been singing the same old songs on issues which should have been fixed fifty years ago.
I will legislate so that those who have been studying and working in Australia for a period of one year and want to call Australia a home must have Australian citizenship automatically without any strings attached. The same should apply to those who have been in detention centres. To ensure that our people pay $ 150 Aus. dollars only for the Australian passport.
To ensure that the British Monarchy must respect our Immigration Laws provide their Passports at the entry to be stamped when entering Australia like any other Foreign Visitors. To ensure that Australian government provide more funds and support the “UNHCR” programmes ease settle people who are in war conflicts a situation caused by allies of Western super powers. More money will be recovered as explained before from the British Monarchy expenses, from Members of Parliament who are guilt of Dual citizenship, reduced salary, allowances and travel expenses from Members of Parliament.
Also saved amount reduce from Defence expenditure. I believe that if we recover tax payer’s billions from those areas as mentioned above, we will be able to purchase Nuclear Personal Protective Equipment’s which should be provided to the community deter hazards in case of a nuclear warfare. We have leaders who have neither plan whatsoever nor be prepared in how to save our people from a nuclear attack. If elected, that will be part of my priority to make sure that our people are safe from such hazards.
I will legislate to abolish foreign Banks and pave the way to empower our people set up Local Banks owned and run by Australian Citizens protected by Australian Laws. To ensure that funding our local communities who have good ideas to run their own businesses with no strings attached is a must, so that they employ our people, stimulate local investment at the same time reduce expenditure redirect the money to the poor people who are struggling and jobless in the best interest of our nation’s economy.
I will legislate to abolish a culture of Telecommunication companies violating people’s privacy for example; Telstra, Optus and others who are selling our personal details overseas in the name of saving money. If they cannot open customer services here in Australia, then, their licenses to operate should be cancelled. It is very wrong Australian citizens being dictated to by foreigners who are overseas demanding for your date of birth. Once you lose your date of birth to strangers whom you can’t monitor and control, I guarantee you that, you are finished. If elected, those companies must be dragged to the Independent Concerned Citizens Court (ICCC) to defend themselves from such abuse.
I will legislate to ensure that Motor Vehicle Insurance Commission is also dealt with accordingly. A culture of psychologically torturing victims of car accidents in the name of saving money must cease. To ensure that all public servant’s including judicial officers, Parliamentarians legal immunity is abolished. We must be all equal in the eyes of the Law. No public officer no matter who you are if you are paid by tax payer’s money should be above the Law.
I will legislate to reform our electoral code of conduct to ensure that Australian community should have more powers against members of parliament who are public servants paid by tax payers money. If the majority get tired of their behaviours when in parliament, then, voters should be at liberty lodging a complaint to the Electoral Commission for that member to be removed. The commission must organise for immediate by- elections in that regard. The same should apply to those who want to join other parties or to become an Independent member from a political party. The current system whereby members are running away from their respected parties and continue serving in parliament without conducting fresh election is a fraud. Note that those members were elected by their political party’s supporters but not the other way around. If elected such fraud should be a history to protect the integrity of our parliamentary system. I will make sure that funds for the Electoral Commission is unconditionally to protect the integrity of our electoral system.


On the 6th April 2015, I was appointed as a Special Envoy In-charge of External Co-ordination and mobilisation to represent Rwenzururu Kingdom in Africa. A copy of my appointment was handed in by myself and received by officers at the office of Australia Foreign Affairs in Western Australia on the 23 May, 2015.I have been involved with community groups as an elder especially working very hard to unite the African community in Western Australia in my capacity as a special Envoy. It is regrettable that Australian Government to date has not facilitated my office nor provide security as they normally do to other Kingdom representatives or Monarchy, despite the fact recognising me through letters of correspondences could have sufficed on my claim as far as my appointment is concerned.
I am very disappointed, feel humiliated, Embarrassed and discriminated against by the Australian Government’s both State and Federal.” If they can do that to your representative, why should you give them a red carpet?”.
Part of my assignment as a Special Envoy is to co-ordinate through many forms and more importantly to reflect ideas of efficient interaction between multiple parties work together to achieve a common goal in the best interest of the people of Uganda and Australia. As a diplomat formally representing the Kingdom Constitutionally recognised by the Uganda government and the international community, it is my duty to negotiate in order to keep peace,unity,developments and establish good relationships with the government’s and the kingdom based on mutual respect and her culture.
Despite Australian government’s bully by ignoring to support and facilitate my office, that did not deter me from sending letters of request lobbying for my projects to the Australian government and other foreign countries in my capacity as a special Envoy seeking assistance for the betterment of Kasese and Uganda government.
In 2015, had sent letters of request from the Australian government,Qatar,UAE and Russia to help the people of Rwenzururu kingdom with Tractors for farming, build a cargo airport ,Re-construct L.Katwe salt project,Kilembe mines,Nyamwamba bridge, Expand of power dams and Hundreds of computers, Soccer balls, sport equipments,Solar energy and Water Management.
More importantly, seeking help in Agriculture, Integrated infrastructure, Telecommunication, Hospitals, Scholarships in science and Technology, Mining and Engineering, Build International airport in Kasese as a golden chance to boost trade opportunities, Television Channels and above all to establish bilateral relationship with those countries in the best interest of job creation and the Nation’s economy.
“I personally believe that if we develop a sense of treating the indigenous people with dignity and respect, poverty must be history in the Rwenzori region, Uganda and Africa at large”.
In September, 2017,I sent a letter to His Excellency, the President of the Republic of Uganda seeking urgent audience with him to discuss about a dialogue between him and the King,business,peace and unity in the Rwenzori Region. To set up a Factory of “GONJA”sweet plantain in Kasese to be exported into Australia.
In addition to make sure that together we make a follow up about the projects as mentioned before in the best interest of the community. I am now losing patience with the President’s delay to consider my humble request as a matter of urgency based on the sensitivity to the matter. I hope that he responds very quickly in the best interest of the people of Kasese and National Interest.
I have observed many times that, if people feel safe and are not judged, they open up and positive changes are possible. There is no doubt that Australian and the Nation at large have benefited a lot from my strong ideas. The information which is in the public domain and “Pandora Archive-National Library of Australia” that illustrates very clearly my ability to change things in the best interest of the community.


I would like to inform you with great disappointment that since the 26 June,2017 to-date the 15th November,2017,when I published on my website at the same time distributed flyers to some houses seeking for humble help, it’s now more than four months no single contribution has ever been deposited to my account.
Australian population is estimated to be “24,735,540 million” by March, 2017 and the 52nd populous country in the world. Western Australia where I reside the population in the year March, 2017 is estimated at “2,576,000 million” mixed up with the British, white south African, European’s, Asian, and Middle eastern origin as the most populous people in the State and the most successful with plenty of opportunities enjoying themselves.
The state of Western Australia has around 270 mines and Petroleum products and other businesses; the main supplier of various wares like;-jewels, alumina and mineral sands; more importantly our economy is driven by various trade in the shops,Factories,Restaurants,private schools, Land business and properties, motor vehicles trade, Farm output,grain,sheep’s and beef.
The most beneficiaries from our resources are politicians enjoying huge amount of money in travel expenses at the same time from parliamentary benefits which most of them are intentionally stealing from the powerless people and marginalised despite to the fact knowing very well that they are Dual Citizens. These are same law makers who have been imposing bad laws against the poor and the disadvantaged making our lives miserable, rather than supporting our programmes for the better future. We are dealing with some bunch of thieves who don’t care about those who are in need as long as their families are happy. I demand that the Governor-General and State Governors should suspend the current governments and all Members of parliament must be independently audited in the best interest of Tax payer’s money. We don’t have a legitimate government,” urgent fresh election’s is a must”.
In October, 2012 the federal government stole my money equivalent to $11,502.83 by force from the state insurance which was supposed to cater for further treatment as a result of a car accident. The same institution has refused to reimburse my money equivalent to more than $6,280.80 which was illegally taken away from me in September, 2015, when knowing that I needed food and medicine as far as my injuries are concerned. Further complaints were submitted to the Federal and State Speakers of Parliament Ref: KM3/2014 crying for help, both state and federal governments are all aware about my demands as mentioned before but have never complied the action which I consider as abuse of power and a grave breach of a duty of care.
The challenges we face in this country is simply because the legal system is very expensive and bias protecting the same criminals of “Dual citizenship” who make laws to protect themselves and colonial interests. We have legal aid and Law society system occupied by clever racism tactics.
Be informed that my decision appealing to the public seeking help was from the Almighty God through my dream. It is up to you the “public” to show the world your true colour when someone is struggling wanting to save people’s lives, job creation and to promote our nation’s economy.
“Up to now it is still a puzzle to me why these successful people can’t help me”. They are quick helping drug smugglers oversea but very discriminatory in support of my humble request to allow me re-start my own business to pave the way of employing our people, contributing towards our nation’s economy and a chance to save lives by providing food to the community. We should all accept that, “Charity begins at home”.
Some people have been spending a lot of time looking for issues rather than supporting my cause, behaving in a manner suspected to be like racist and jealousy. Others have been concerned blaming others why I can’t be helped rather than contributing on their own. Please don’t blame others just do it by yourself showing a good example that you do care, so that the rest should follow your enthusiasm.
A culture of bias and hypocrisy in this country must cease if we truly want to create jobs for our people in the best interest of our nation’s economy. I have been telling you all along that “nothing can be achieved from being selfish”. Even the almighty God doesn’t tolerate a culture of being selfish.
I don’t see any reason why each person can’t contribute $ 5 dollars towards my humble request of $ 50,000 Dollars supporting my cause for the better future. The amount which can be collected from Ten thousand people only.
For example:-Western Australia is benefiting billions and billions from African minerals resources. Why are you against my success all the time?. Why are you a shaming Australia?.





First and foremost, I would like to thank those who have been there for me, particularly the “Females” in your respected capacities fighting to protect me from those who don’t wish me well. I have nothing to give you except asking the Almighty God our creator to reward you the most in this world.

You have all witnessed the agony I am going through despite the fact that I have been fighting for the justice of your cause; a situation caused by bad leaders based on bias, jealousy and discrimination against me. I am very frustrated by inept bureaucracy and bias from our banking system.

Therefore, I am humbly seeking your urgent contribution of $500,000 as mentioned above to resume my organic fresh food products business which was founded by myself back in 2008 in the best interest of job creation and a chance to contribute towards our nation’s economy.

I have been let down by our politicians, Banks and the British Monarchy blocking all my opportunities when trying very hard for a better future. I always hear that Australians are the most generous people in the whole world. Please help me so that my dreams of success becomes a reality. I believe that with community power, everything is possible.

Our politicians hate me so much simply because of my bravery and strong advocacy towards the recognition of the indigenous people in our constitution, the Palestinian community, women empowerment for a fair go for all, and also the courageous efforts of fighting for our beloved veterans so that they can live happily and to die with dignity.

Due to my political advocacy, you have benefited a lot and your success makes me feel very proud, though the situation is still left wanting.

You should have never allowed the agony I am going through on your watch. A friend in need is a friend indeed. Be informed that starting my business won’t deter me from the Uber Eat Partnership. Services will continue as additional income.

Now it’s your turn to make sure that those who may want to sabotage my goals are being dealt with amicably because their attitudes are not of civilized people. Please lobby and contribute the little you have as a token of appreciation so that my dreams become a reality.

I kindly appeal to the public to rescue me from this unnecessary embarrassment. Your contribution will be a game changer for my life and a better future. Rest assured that you will be notified every week about what we have collected. Please donate to this account below:-

Account: Mubarak Kidima
ANZ Account No: 281692663
BSB: 016080

Please spread the message as much as you can. If you want to contribute in person, don’t hesitate to give me a call or send me an email.

May the Almighty God bless you all.

Many thanks,


Kidima Mubarak