I would like to inform you with great disappointment that since the 26 June,2017 to-date the 15th November,2017,when I published on my website at the same time distributed flyers to some houses seeking for humble help, it’s now more than four months no single contribution has ever been deposited to my account.
Australian population is estimated to be “24,735,540 million” by March, 2017 and the 52nd populous country in the world. Western Australia where I reside the population in the year March, 2017 is estimated at “2,576,000 million” mixed up with the British, white south African, European’s, Asian, and Middle eastern origin as the most populous people in the State and the most successful with plenty of opportunities enjoying themselves.
The state of Western Australia has around 270 mines and Petroleum products and other businesses; the main supplier of various wares like;-jewels, alumina and mineral sands; more importantly our economy is driven by various trade in the shops,Factories,Restaurants,private schools, Land business and properties, motor vehicles trade, Farm output,grain,sheep’s and beef.
The most beneficiaries from our resources are politicians enjoying huge amount of money in travel expenses at the same time from parliamentary benefits which most of them are intentionally stealing from the powerless people and marginalised despite to the fact knowing very well that they are Dual Citizens. These are same law makers who have been imposing bad laws against the poor and the disadvantaged making our lives miserable, rather than supporting our programmes for the better future. We are dealing with some bunch of thieves who don’t care about those who are in need as long as their families are happy. I demand that the Governor-General and State Governors should suspend the current governments and all Members of parliament must be independently audited in the best interest of Tax payer’s money. We don’t have a legitimate government,” urgent fresh election’s is a must”.
In October, 2012 the federal government stole my money equivalent to $11,502.83 by force from the state insurance which was supposed to cater for further treatment as a result of a car accident. The same institution has refused to reimburse my money equivalent to more than $6,280.80 which was illegally taken away from me in September, 2015, when knowing that I needed food and medicine as far as my injuries are concerned. Further complaints were submitted to the Federal and State Speakers of Parliament Ref: KM3/2014 crying for help, both state and federal governments are all aware about my demands as mentioned before but have never complied the action which I consider as abuse of power and a grave breach of a duty of care.
The challenges we face in this country is simply because the legal system is very expensive and bias protecting the same criminals of “Dual citizenship” who make laws to protect themselves and colonial interests. We have legal aid and Law society system occupied by clever racism tactics.
Be informed that my decision appealing to the public seeking help was from the Almighty God through my dream. It is up to you the “public” to show the world your true colour when someone is struggling wanting to save people’s lives, job creation and to promote our nation’s economy.
“Up to now it is still a puzzle to me why these successful people can’t help me”. They are quick helping drug smugglers oversea but very discriminatory in support of my humble request to allow me re-start my own business to pave the way of employing our people, contributing towards our nation’s economy and a chance to save lives by providing food to the community. We should all accept that, “Charity begins at home”.
Some people have been spending a lot of time looking for issues rather than supporting my cause, behaving in a manner suspected to be like racist and jealousy. Others have been concerned blaming others why I can’t be helped rather than contributing on their own. Please don’t blame others just do it by yourself showing a good example that you do care, so that the rest should follow your enthusiasm.
A culture of bias and hypocrisy in this country must cease if we truly want to create jobs for our people in the best interest of our nation’s economy. I have been telling you all along that “nothing can be achieved from being selfish”. Even the almighty God doesn’t tolerate a culture of being selfish.
I don’t see any reason why each person can’t contribute $ 5 dollars towards my humble request of $ 50,000 Dollars supporting my cause for the better future. The amount which can be collected from Ten thousand people only.
For example:-Western Australia is benefiting billions and billions from African minerals resources. Why are you against my success all the time?. Why are you a shaming Australia?.





First and foremost, I would like to thank those who have been there for me, particularly the “Females” in your respected capacities fighting to protect me from those who don’t wish me well. I have nothing to give you except asking the Almighty God our creator to reward you the most in this world.

You have all witnessed the agony I am going through despite the fact that I have been fighting for the justice of your cause; a situation caused by bad leaders based on bias, jealousy and discrimination against me. I am very frustrated by inept bureaucracy and bias from our banking system.

Therefore, I am humbly seeking your urgent contribution of $500,000 as mentioned above to resume my organic fresh food products business which was founded by myself back in 2008 in the best interest of job creation and a chance to contribute towards our nation’s economy.

I have been let down by our politicians, Banks and the British Monarchy blocking all my opportunities when trying very hard for a better future. I always hear that Australians are the most generous people in the whole world. Please help me so that my dreams of success becomes a reality. I believe that with community power, everything is possible.

Our politicians hate me so much simply because of my bravery and strong advocacy towards the recognition of the indigenous people in our constitution, the Palestinian community, women empowerment for a fair go for all, and also the courageous efforts of fighting for our beloved veterans so that they can live happily and to die with dignity.

Due to my political advocacy, you have benefited a lot and your success makes me feel very proud, though the situation is still left wanting.

You should have never allowed the agony I am going through on your watch. A friend in need is a friend indeed. Be informed that starting my business won’t deter me from the Uber Eat Partnership. Services will continue as additional income.

Now it’s your turn to make sure that those who may want to sabotage my goals are being dealt with amicably because their attitudes are not of civilized people. Please lobby and contribute the little you have as a token of appreciation so that my dreams become a reality.

I kindly appeal to the public to rescue me from this unnecessary embarrassment. Your contribution will be a game changer for my life and a better future. Rest assured that you will be notified every week about what we have collected. Please donate to this account below:-

Account: Mubarak Kidima
ANZ Account No: 281692663
BSB: 016080

Please spread the message as much as you can. If you want to contribute in person, don’t hesitate to give me a call or send me an email.

May the Almighty God bless you all.

Many thanks,


Kidima Mubarak



It is with great sadness that I have just learnt of the untimely death of the Banyarwenzururu who were massacred/burnt by the Uganda police, Armed forces and security agents. It is very sad indeed losing your beloved community in such big number the situation which I personally consider as uncivilised.


The kingdom should never be undermined and its subjects be massacred simply because of wanting to protect the very little land they have, the mineral resources and their beloved king.

It was the duty of police to protect life, property of the king and his subjects. To detect and prevent crime and above all to inform the law makers “Parliament” about the situation of that nature seeking for a better solution in the best interest of the community and the nation’s reputation at large.

Attacking the palace to a certain extent of kidnapping the king who is detained in another kingdom far away from the High court and Uganda Parliament is a clear violation of the Uganda constitution and a crime of aggression, impunity, Genocide and a crime against humanity according to the international law.

On behalf of His majesty Omusinga King Charles Wesley Mumbere Irema-Ngoma “Rwenzururu Kingdom” and on my own behalf, I wish to express my deepest, condolences to the Banyarwenzururu and the people of Uganda. Rest assured that all of our blessings are with you. May the Almighty God bless and comfort you all in these moment of deep grief. May the Almighty God save the king.

Please accept our sincere Special condolences.

H.E.Mr.Kidima Mubarak.

Special Envoy In charge of External Co-ordination

&Mobilisation Rwenzururu Kingdom

&Independent Western Australia.




Attached letters illustrates very clearly about my point and the truth am about to tell you more in detail as listed below.

I have been all over the places writing and meeting politician of all political parties seeking for help so that I can run my business of Matooke smoothly in the best interest of good health, job creation at the same time wanting to promote our nation’s economy.

Some jealous Australian in Dubai blocked my opportunity from meeting the Family of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.The money to help in promoting business to create jobs for the community and our nation’s economy was none of their business. They should be ashamed of their bad culture of jealousness and selfishness for no reason. It’s funny that they are all in Dubai begging to be employed or to be given assignments what they have in mind is all about themselves.

I was not looking for employment rather than opening up doors of Business opportunity to our people here in Australia and Africa in the best interest of the community and our nation’s economy.

When I met Janine Member for Mirrabooka at state Parliament some years back, she lied to me that she will send me some information where I can get help.Hon.Tony Member for Carine, Glenys Member for Belmont, Chris Member for Balcatta to name a few all were not of good help.


Hon.Julie the Minister for Foreign affairs Hon , Federal Minister for Small Business,Hon.Keenan Member for Stirling and Minister For Justice, Hon.Sean State Minister for Small Business all of them don’t have good ideas of supporting Small Businesses as letters attached above states very clearly that the Ministers gave me some misleading information which is a clear testimony that we are dealing with people who don’t have the community and the nation’s economy at heart.

If they can’t help me why should Australian voters trust what they say?. Don’t be surprised to see the way how they will be spending a lot of money towards political campaign advertising themselves despite of the fact that they know very well that victory is not on their side.

My letter to Hon.Sean Minister for Small Business was very clear about what I wanted from his office asking him to liaise with the office of Multicultural so that they come up with a small financial assistance of $50,000 to help run my food business which is on high demand across the nation.

I made it very clear that I have already started the importation of Matooke what I needed is the money to support my Business empire in the best interest of job creation. He referred me to Mr. Mike Senior Business advisor Small Business Development Corporation, who then told me very clearly that they don’t have the money for people who want to do business nor have financial institution to refer me to for help.

What they do is advising people how to write proposals and they don’t do it for them you have to do it by yourself. I asked him that do you know Matooke?. His response was no.

Then, it came to my mind that how can he advise people on things he doesn’t understand?. I sincerely told him that I am not looking for advice what I needed is financial support. I also made it very clear that I have never received any financial assistance from your office as the minister stated in his letter and we both agreed on that issue.

They are all stuck in the past treating people like slaves, they don’t have the ideas of creating jobs and supporting our people who are doing it tough in small businesses. What they know is spending huge amount of money “none refundable” to community gatherings so that they can give political speeches. Such funds which don’t add up value to our nation’s economy.

Our politicians keep lying to the world that we are the most generous country in the whole world. I keep asking myself after all the good things I have done to the Australian people and the opportunities we give them in our former countries, “what about me?. Why are they so selfish about helping me?”.

The government is confiscating huge amount of money un-accounted for from drug traffickers. “Why can’t they give me some few dollars to support my business and a chance of supplying food to the community for the better health?”. Instead, they use the money to enrich themselves and the agents.

“I want to assure the people of Western Australia and the nation at large that, if elected to represent you, my first priority is to legislate for a stimulus package measures supporting small businesses and those who have good ideas to set up businesses to become self-employed and a chance to employ others so that we promote the economy of this great nation of ours”.

I personally believe that, it is government’s duty of care to support such fantastic solution that spawns real effects because the more you invest in individuals of good ideas, the more the state and the nation at large benefits. It is a shame that our banks policies are discriminatory in terms of giving out loans to our society. They lend people on disability and single out those with good ideas to start their own businesses who are on new start allowances to become self employed.

The high level of unemployment in this country is because of bad political parties and leaders who are short of fresh ideas. The majority of our people are doing it tough to a certain extent of missing out meals and medication simply because of wanting to pay the utility bills. Many have become sick because of not using heaters with the fear of receiving the bills which they can’t afford to pay.

Please rally behind me and support me with the little you have so that we get rid of the ruling class and the media which has caused a lot of pain to our people. Support me so that we reclaim our dignity and happiness. “If elected some of these bad journalists will be dragged to court”. I will also make sure that a commission of inquiry is set up to look into a situation of our banks, the spending in the office of multicultural Interests, small Business, Judiciary and Centrelink attitude towards the disability at state level because the people who are suffering most resides under the jurisdiction of local and state governments not in Canberra.