I will legislate to amend our old constitution to a new one of the 21st century, which will automatically recognize the first people of this land and their culture, language to be taught in schools on a mandatory basis as a matter of respect and closing the gap. Honestly, that is the honorable thing to do and common sense if we truly believe in justice. It is selfish and bad idea wanting a local government constitution before even changing the old nation’s constitution. I will not support local government constitution, we should rather concentrate on changing the old constitution and set a two term limit for our leaders, period.

Australian have been taken hostage by the rich, Lawyers and powerful in the name of political parties. Political parties in this country have been operating unconstitutionally because they are nowhere to be recognized in the constitution. The job of political parties and its leaders have been to promote hatred, discrimination, segregation at the same time dividing the nation. They don’t mean what they say nor do what they promise the community. I will legislate for a mandatory law to hold the miners in their respective areas responsible to build houses for homeless people in those areas. I believe that is the best way of helping our people as a duty of care, the same time saving the misuse of funds by the government conniving with community leaders. We must all accept that charity begins at home, with love everything is possible. I will also make sure that our elderly and disabled people get what they want not governments dictating to them. We are in a wealthy nation capable of looking after our people without any regrets or excuses. I will continue my job of listening attentively and act accordingly on behalf of the community. Please I need your support for my dreams to become a reality.

I will legislate for a bill of rights the same time criminalizing the culture of racism, discrimination, segregation and bullying because that is the only way of saving people’s lives, tax payers money and our nations reputation from that bad culture. So many people have been disabled, depressed, psychologically tortured and have even gone to the extreme measure of harming themselves. Governments lose a lot of tax payer’s money dealing with the victims. To make the matter worse, the offenders are left scot free on such serious abuse which is regrettable. “Enough is enough”. I will legislate to empower the community to deal with the insurance companies. Victims should excise their fundamental human rights to determine the way they should be treated rather than being dictated by the insurance Employees. A right to choose their doctors, lawyers and a chance to fast track their thorough check up and treatment from danger and bad feelings. The attitude of holding the victims lives hostage must cease. I will legislate to abolish the law which sends minors to prison. We must reform the prison department and the size is too big to handle. Prisons should be left to dangerous criminals and government corrupt officials, the rest should be scrutinized and sensitized for the better future.Sensitising the community is the best way rather than keep sending people to prisons simply because some people are money orientated with too many powers.

I will legislate to reform some of the electoral commission bureaucracy and that includes the preferences system. The community votes should be determined by voters not to be dictated where their preferences should go. The commission should set up a dead line for elections, not to be determined by political leaders. Immediate mechanism should be put in place to fund any citizen who have put a hand for a public office to ease them facilitate and participate in our democracy without discrimination. The current system only fevours the rich, which I consider as an abuse to our democracy. Every citizen who is capable to contest a seat in this country, should be funded to ease serve the nation in the best interest of the community.

I will legislate the ban of alcohol, cigarette and the same time make the funds available to the victims so that they act as ambassadors, sending the massage of reform to those who are still killing themselves knowing that smoking and alcoholic behaviors is dangerous to their health, so to others. A message to deter them from being embarrassed, humiliated and death. A message to save them from disease for a better future. Whoever has ever lost a friend, relative, engaged in a fight, assaulted, lost a job, broke up in a relationship, served in a public office, struggling with illness and depression will definitely understand that am here to help. Sometimes the truth is bitter, but it is the honorable thing to do saving lives. ”Please!, think about it”. Sport should not be used as a billboard to advertise alcoholic beverages, cigarettes, for the sake of our children. The advantage is to save tax payers money and our people’s lives. Please never allow to be taken for granted because of alcohol or simply because some people are money oriented. One day you will come to realize that our fellow mate gave us a parental and honest advice saving our lives and dignity. You will come to realize that, am a person who loves you more than you can imagine. Trust me nothing can be achieved from alcohol and smoking. There is no spare parts for life. I will never forgive your parents who put you in that environment. A good parent is the one who protects children from dangerous harm to a better health environment without fear from bad opportunist politicians.Prevantion is better than cure that is all about common sense.

I will legislate and fight like a hell to protect people’s privacy. A system of exposing people’s date of birth on government public documents should be abolished and those who abuse our privacy in public offices without our consent should be charged as criminals.

I will legislate the ban of rewarding political retirement allowances and travel expenses overseas, apart from the seating foreign affairs officers. Politicians should only depend on superannuation like any other citizen in this country and deal with their travels from salary and allowance savings. I will legislate to abolish a mandatory deduction of superannuation from workers’ pay roll and should be a matter of choice. People work hard for their money and their energy should not be used as a political football. Tough laws should be enacted to deal with those who steal superannuation and ministers concerned should also fall in the same category. The beneficiaries must be paid immediately without any political excuses. I will set up a team to sensitize the community how to save for their retirement and governments should further contribute on their savings as a duty of care. I will never accept Australian under my jurisdiction losing their superannuation if you support my cause. I will shake the parliament like a mango tree; you will see lazy legislators resigning one by one. “Trust me am a man of my word”.

I will legislate for the $10,000 available to “baby boom “for each and every child produced in this country without limit because that is the honorable thing to do as a duty of care. Parents should be entitled for maternity leave to ease them look after their babies with decency. Child protection should be abolished and the money misused should be given to parents who are in hardship and their culture leaders to ease them sensitize families, children in their respective cultural environment how to behave particularly the girls learning how to respect and keep their marriage. The same time to protect family values and good parenting. I will never allow gay people dealing with our children.Nevertheless,I will support for debates in the matter. Parents should stand up to protect family values. I consider the attitude of dictating to parents as unacceptable and must cease immediately. I will work closely with parents so that we reform our society and make our community a better place to live. Family matters should not be determined by police, judges and politicians. Through sensitization, it is a piece of cake rectifying the situation damaged by bad parents and politicians. Tax payer’s money should not be used torturing and sometimes killing our people in prisons. The laws which imposes criminal records on people who fail to pay rent because of hardship should be abolished. Such laws makes the community suffer mental break downs because they can’t find a home, at the same time they feel dismay, confused and abandoned by their governments. Tough laws should be enacted to those who cheat in a relationship. Laws should be reformed as a matter of choice to those who wants to marry more than one person as long as they love each other and agree to keep that relationship safe. The advantage would be to reduce the attitude of cheating, discrimination in the marriage and the abuse of fundamental human rights and a fair go for all and respect of religion faith. Please, let us work together with parental care to reform our society. It is not rocket science to do for the better.

I will legislate to abolish the discrimination against Muslims and fight like hell for Eid public holiday like any other religions. Muslims are discriminated and marginalized in our political system. Imagine if it is you being discriminated? “Think about it”.

I will legislate to empower the community to determine sending our troops in Wars overseas, the same time to make sure that superannuation and workers compensation is adequately provided to our police force and Soldiers. I will fight like a hell to make sure that $2000 Dollars is provided monthly to Veterans of 70 years and above in addition to their normal entitlement. The money misused on wars overseas, should be paid to our veterans who deserves to be treated with dignity and parental care.Defence department must come clean and be honest to the public about their expenses domestically and overseas. I will also legislate to make the funds available so that a youth brigade is formed to protect our elderly regardless of who they are, the same time should be helping to arrest the shop lifters in the best interest of protecting business. I will fight like a hell to make sure that my project of “INTERNATIONAL SPECIAL WORLD WAR 11 VETERANS UNIT FOR AFRICA”, is supported in the best interest of our families back in Africa. They were forced into a world war 11 fighting for King George of England. Some of them have died in absolutely poverty and those who are still alive with their families, are struggling in the mercy of God without any help. As far as am concerned, I will never give up fighting for their rights and the discrimination against our innocent people must cease. I demand for an official apology from Steven Smith, the Prime Minister, Governor-General, Premier of Western Australia and the Governor of Western Australia for ignoring to consider my humble request in regards to the matter. I will legislate the ban of Tasers used by police officers. I will priotise Kung Fu training for our police force and the military to ease them deal with bad criminals. The ban is in the best interest of our force and our nation’s economy. Tax payers money misused to buy Tasers, treat the victims and paying compensation can be of a better use to other important things. I will make sure that the training of our police forces and military is based on multiculturalism and gender balance. The current system is still wanting and should be held responsible.

I will legislate the ban of increasing the bills without consulting the community because families are struggling with rapid increase which I consider to be unacceptable and must cease with immediate effect. Mechanism should be put in place for pre-paid ID cards for bills. The advantage would be to deter the misuse and unfair bills. I will also get rid of old wood electricity poles which I consider to be hazardous. We are people of 21st century in wealth state, such poles are not needed. It is tough to families putting food on table, the cost of living is too high the same time people losing their jobs. Families are feeling pinch whereby tax payer’s money has been misused on unwinnable wars overseas. Family benefits must be separated from new start allowance and our troops must be back home immediately.

I will never allow our business people to continue suffer with too much stress caused by our governments. They need more financial support to ease them run their businesses to employ the community. The money misused on supporting car dealers, miners, wherever, must be given to small businesses to support our economy. I have founded a Multi-million business Called KIDIMA INTERNATIONAL MATOOKE IMPORT AND EXPORTS PTY LTD, to employ thousands and thousands of our people in Australia, the same time saving millions of our people’s lives from cancer and diabetes. That includes to open up More than 20 Restaurants across the nation. What I need is government’s financial support to make it happen in the best interest of creating jobs.Politiacal parties should stop winging my door is open for the jobs. I will legislate to abolish the embargo’s surrounding Agriculture and Trade departments to ease people to open up their own businesses, the advantage which would be to employ our fellow Australian and the same time to promote our economy.

I will legislate to abolish the federal system of job networks. Tax payer’s money misused by such people should be diverted to training colleges and area members of parliaments to make sure that the community under their jurisdictions are being trained in skills of people choices and make sure that they liaise with Centre link, employers, and issue letters of support to be employed. Employers should respect and do the honorable thing to employ those who are eager to work. Mechanism should be put in place to enable job seekers and employers to communicate on TV, to me that is the best way of eliminating the skill shortage in this country. The current system serves a purpose of harassing and dictating on people’s lives for survival. Unemployment is on rampart at the moment, all these offices can’t provide any job to the community because they don’t have them. I don’t see any reason why they should be allowed to continue the abuse of tax payer’s money. I will also inject more money to universities because education is the engine of our nation’s economy.

Legislators should be aware that parliament is a house of debate and other businesses. It is their responsibilities to debate each other about all issues raised in the house and at the same time pass bills in the best interest of the community who voted for them to be in parliament. I will legislate to abolish the attitude of walking away from suspension standing orders.
A Prime Minister who does not sit, listen and defend that position, is not fit to rule the country, and that should apply to all members of the house. Tough laws should be enacted to stop such abuse and taxpayer’s money must be respected in that regard. I don’t need a Master’s degree or to be a professor contributing on such very important issue.

Can some people in this country use common sense to ask themselves why should some one run away from his/her beloved country?. We should all remember that the majority in this country, the most successful and that includes politician whom you see shouting stop the boats, all came from other people’s shoes. If you don’t want Asylum seekers in your country, don’t provoke their way of life. Don’t invade their countries. They come here knowing that we are the best friends who fights to protect them and give them education and a better future. They come here running from torture and killings crying for parental help to save their lives as human beings. I will legislate to criminalize those who detain children and women and the minister concerned should be held responsible. Laws should be enacted so that Immigration Minister, Foreign affairs Minister, and opposition leaders should all visit refugee camps on a monthly basis and report direct to the parliament chamber. We have human rights obligation of treating people with dignity and respect. We are a nation which believes in democracy, justice, human rights and protection. We don’t need to detain, punish and psychologically torture people because of giving them visas. Taking advantage over other people’s lives is wrong, we must lead by examples if we truly are in their countries for help and protection as we claim to be the most contributors to those in need. Millions of tax payer’s money have been spent just punishing women and children. We have a huge empty land which can be used to allow these people do a lot of things like farming to promote our economy.

I will legislate for tough laws against the current discrimination and segregation in our media system. The voices of Multicultural minorities, Indigenous and Asylum seekers have been hijacked by the rich and powerful. I have already lobbied the Television, Radio Station, A Bank and other issues from the Vice-President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum for our rescue. May the almighty our creator, forgive and reward “Jannatul-firdaus”to our founding great father of the United Arab Emirates, Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahya.

I also salute His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum and family, to have achieved so much following the path of our grandfathers wisdom,generousity and a culture of helping the needy,disadvantaged,particularly women and children in different parts of the world. ”Shukran Wajazaaka LLah Kheir”.All my brothers and sisters, Please! Travel safe with Emirates and Qantas. letter_web