Kidima since arriving in Australia has put an initiative to the Western Australian Government to get youth to work dismantling old motor vehicles and recycling the scrap metal and spare parts. The money raised can then be put into community development both in Western Australia and Africa.


 He has donated more than Two hundred computers to schools in Uganda and other countries helping the kids learning technology skills free of charge. The students at Murdoch University and the Vice-Chancellor’s office supported his dreams to fruition. Kidima brought up the idea of setting up a dental clinic or a hospital at Murdoch University. He also donated fourteen computers to Murdoch University, Twenty computers to new arrivals and Australian. Five hundred reading books to Australian Islamic College Library. Eight hundred and seventy copies of newspapers to Scarborough lions Club Western Australia. He has donated twenty bicycles to farmers in Uganda. During Victoria bush fire, he also donated a Bed, Mattress and Blankets.


He fought hard for the Australian Embassy in Uganda, which is now operating. He has been lobbying for the miners to invest in Uganda and has never demanded for shares. He works very hard in the best interest of the community. If it were not for jealousy and discrimination against him, he could have done a lot to  the community and the nation at large.