Kidima Mubarak Putin Professor of common sense,5 Star Uber Partner,Founder/Managing Director of Matooke Project in Australia and Champion of reform. A man of Unity,Justice,Peace,Reconciliation and Independent Western Australia.Born in Uganda East Africa, a country of wealth resources such as minerals and oil. He was resettled in Australia as a political refugee with the help of Human Rights Watch, and now calls Australia a home as a citizen. He is a former student of politics and International studies at Murdoch University. Kidima is the first African to contest the seat of Balcatta Western Australia as an Independent in the previous State elections, Federal elections for Stirling twice and the Senate Western Australia, Federal elections fighting in the best interest of the community. The first African to sue the Australian Electoral Commission and the first to challenge the Australian Constitution and the British Monarchy Leadership in Australia. The first to recognise the Indigenous people publicly in our Constitution and the most hated person because of advocating for the Indigenous People. He conveys his special thanks to those who  have been voting for him, with a strong assurance that he will never keep his mouth shut until government’s starts to treat the community with dignity and respect. He will never retreat nor surrender  until his revolution  to empower the community is achieved, so that they have a say in their affairs and determine for their own destiny. Since Kidima’s arrival to this Country has been as a practical teacher. The community have learned and benefited a lot from him, and that is what makes him proud.

He has observed many times that, if people feel safe and are not judged, they open up and positive changes are possible. What he has achieved in fighting to serve the community within a short period of time since his arrival in Australia, illustrates very clearly how amazing he is if given a chance and the opportunity to represent you.
Kidima started politics in Uganda, well known as a good mobiliser and advocate. He continued his advocacy in Kenya during his refugee life fighting for refugee rights, and also pushed hard to reform the attitude of the matatus operators to ensure that customers are being treated with dignity and respect. He brought up the idea liaising with the office of the president that Matatus should carry only three passengers per seat and belts should be a mandatory. He has continued the advocacy here in Perth Australia fighting for the community against bad policies and bureaucracy, writing letters to both State and Federal governments pushing things into practice. Kidima is a man of unity, reconciliation, justice, reform and common sense. He also stands for democracy, education, security, change of constitution, Australian republic, Bill of rights, womens rights, Centrelink reform, Aboriginal rights, Homelessness, Organic fresh food, Climate change and Environment, pay rise for police and teachers, Nurses, Veterans, Elderly, Disabled, sick people, more money to hospital, Universities and a fair go for all. He will legislate to make sure that tax payer’s money is being spent responsibly towards the selected projects. He is more than happy that some of the issues from his manifesto has been slightly dealt with, nevertheless, the situation is still wanting and feels that he is the only person to make it happen. He is a man of experience who shares the same pain of most people in Stirling are going through at the hands of bad political party’s policy. That is the reason why he is contesting for change and feels that the community deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. He seeks the community to rally behind him for unity, success and happiness. “Enough is enough”, we cannot afford more empty promises.
Kidima has worked as Bus Inspector in Uganda with five years’ experience. He is among those who pushed hard about fighting corruption in the Uganda Revenue department. He is among one of the civilian who started the Special Revenue protective Services curbing smugglers and corruption. Since arriving in Australia, has undertaken several courses in Hospitality, Dump Truck in the mines, HR Lincence, MARCSTA, Senior First Aid, and a Lincence to perform High Risk Work. He has worked as a Truck delivery around Perth, Catabi Mining site, Crescent Gold Limited (Laverton Mining Site), Kimberley Diamond Company (Ellendale Mines Site).both as Geology field assistant. He also worked at Australia Pacific electric cables pty, Ltd as Machine operator. Kidima has experience in the mining sector and understands what hard work is all about. He is a safety conscious person, reliable, punctual, with excellent presentation skills and certainly does not leave a task unfinished.

Kidima is a man of his word and the best candidate for Western as the only job he wants at this stage is to empower the community for change, unity and a better future for all.